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Perfecto Group International is your reliable and long term partner

We offer the best answer to your investment, construction and trade demands.

Perfecto Group International is established in 1993 and since its beginning is in pursuit of excellence in meeting the requirements of its clients and partners.

We put all our efforts and expertise to offer the best answer to your specific investment, design, construction and trade demands.

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Company history

Our company was established in 1993 in the ?poque of changes in economy, mentality, demands and everyday life of the people in South East Europe and survived radical changes which lead to the profile we have today.

Perfecto was established as a consultancy and trade company and has grown to become one of the trusted and respected construction and design companies. Now we can offer you an inhouse investment

Perfecto Group International Ltd. services include the traditional General Contracting, Construction Management and Design Build disciplines. Perfecto can facilitate design support, preliminary budgeting, resource and logistics planning, scope management, project scheduling, project administration, supervision and quality control management. In addition to the design and construction services our company is able to offer a wide variety of supplementary construction material commercial services that could close the circle of your investment. For examples of our completed work, please visit our Project section where you can select to view some of the recent projects completed or in a development phase from the following industries: Apartments & Condominiums, Banking & Financial, Entertainment, Hotels, Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, Office & Professional, Parking Facilities, Restaurants, Retail, Sports & Recreation.

Perfecto also operates an on-site engineering & service department to further meet the needs of clients and employs a full time architect and engineering staff which allows to better manage the budget, scheduling and quality of the projects in development.

More about our projects and capabilities you will find at our Project Management Section and Project Portfolio.

We, at Perfecto are commited to Customer Service, Quality, Communication and Timelines.Find out how we can help you, call us today!
Mission statement & key principles

Perfecto Ltd. is dedicated to professionalism in service, client understanding and customized approach to the best solution of the specific demands.

Our Client is our valuable business partner.

We respect your needs and requirements.

We do not compromise with quality, on-time delivery, friendly approach and responsiveness.

Perfecto Group International Ltd. works for the success and satisfaction of our Client, as well as to better its performance, professionalism in care and solutions, hand in hand with the work and life satisfaction of its employees.

Professionalism, innovative and feasible solutions, flexibility and creativeness, attention to details, guarantee for satisfaction, timely delivery and service, and social responsibility are the values that motivate our company.

Our motto is Think global, work local. Dont wait for the opportunity, create it!


Guiding principles

We demonstrate integrity in everything we do.
Integrity is a core value of Perfecto, our management, and every employee - it is the centerpiece of all our activities. We are open and honest in all relationships. Our decisions are always guided by ethical principles of right conduct.

Our employees are our greatest strength.
Perfectos success is dependent upon the individual contributions of its employees. We are committed to attracting and retaining the most qualified people in the industry. We invest in their futures and reward them for performance. In return, we expect our employees to be diligent in their efforts as individuals and as team members.

We focus on meeting client needs and expectations.
We listen to our clients and work to understand their goals and objectives. We continually seek opportunities to enhance our clients' successes. We organize our work and our people to best serve our clients' interests. Our commitment is to build enduring relationships with our clients.

Our work is important to society; we take it seriously.
The decisions we make, the facilities we design, and the technical solutions we deliver touch virtually every sector of our society. We know the importance of our work; we are committed to giving our best and improving our skills.

We are committed to achieving sustainable success as a business.
Our ability to serve our clients, employees, and society on an enduring basis is dependent upon achieving consistently positive business results. Accordingly, we are committed to profitable performance, revenue growth, and fiscal discipline.



Perfecto is committed to sustained success in fulfilling the needs of our clients, our employees, and our firm. We focus our energies on:

  • Professional performance
  • Effectiveness
  • On-time delivery
  • Responsiveness
  • Clients' satisfaction


The Management of Perfecto Group International declares and takes a personal responsibility and engagement to follow the quality policy as stated below in order to achieve specific and measurable quality objectives:

    Realization of a high quality products/ services offered by the company with indices comparable with those of the leading companies in the same field of activity according to the new requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008;

    Execution and completion of the ready product/service in accordance with the clients requirements and the contracts signed, in compliance with the Quality Management Handbook under the strict observance of the active legal regulations and the agreed terms.

   Rise of the internal quality control level and analysis of the company activities  based on application of methods of assessment of clients satisfaction taking into consideration the remarks and claims aiming to improve the company results.


On the base of the approved company policy and quality management system we will require from all employees of Perfecto to be well acknowledged with the Quality Management System and we will keep up with its application.


We will constantly assess the processes determined by our core activities and we will be in a quest for improvements.




Optimum organizational effectiveness. We maximize the performance of our operations through strong leadership, effective policies, efficient procedures and systems, and alignment of all activity consistent with our Guiding Principles and Purpose Statement.



Enduring client relationships. We pursue mutually beneficial relationships with clients who share our values, and who provide opportunities for business and professional growth. We engage the marketplace in a systematic and optimistic manner. Through selective marketing and superior client service, we are viewed as a firm that consistently supports the success of our clients.



Exceptional workplace. We provide a workplace environment that is among the best in our industry, providing for personal growth and enabling HSMM to attract and retain the best available talent.


Company practice

Market-driven intrapreneurism. We empower each business unit to take the initiative in developing and maintaining the creative and technical capabilities and service delivery methods needed to respond to changing market opportunities and the emerging needs of our clients.


Company business targets

Profitable growth. We are committed to continuous improvement of our financial performance resulting in profitable operations and sustained growth in each of our business units.

Project profiles

* Construction design
* Construction works
* Project management in construction
* Feasibility studies & consultancy
* International trade
* Real estate
* Energy
* Software solutions


PERFECTO Group International has a growing company structure :

*PERFECTO Design & Construction : Transforms your ideas into reality
*PERFECTO International trade: Your reliable and long term partner
*PERFECTO Properties: The perfect answer to your property dilemmas
*PERFECTO Consulting: Helps you taking the right and feasible decision



Our activity distinguishes with a loyalty to our clients and partners, a high ethics and professional attitude. We believe in our abilities because they reflect the knowledge of our team with its professionalism, qualification and experience in respect of the all stages of realization of the investment project.

The company has established a well organized and qualified team of professionals working in the following departments:

Design Department
General affairs and accounting
Construction Department
Technical department
Sales department