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In 2006 was launched a specialized in construction works company Retro Build ltd. that can perform any particular construction operation to turn-key project realization. This helped us to round the circle of the services that we can provide to our clients and to better control the operations at each and every step of the investment process. This is bettering the quality of the works and the performance of the construction projects.

Some of the representative construction projects that were realized in the last 2 years are:

  • Tokuda Hospital, New Surgery block, Sofia
  • Residential 10-storey building, Ovcha Kupel, Sofia
  • Closed residential complex Green Village, Pancharevo, Sofia region
  • Residential 7-storey building Vitosha district, Sofia
  • Residential 9-storey building Silver Star, Vitosha district, Simeonovsko Chaussee, Sofia
  • Residential building, Dragalevtsi, Sofia
  • Residential building, Boyana, Sofia
  • Warehouse depot, Voenna rampa, Sofia


Our clients:

Trough our critical and responsible approach we do deliver state of the art services and on time project realization. This created long term relations and most of all confidence and thus transformed our potential and current clients into loyal and trustworthy referees for our company performance and quality of work.

Some of our valued clients are:

Tokushokai Sofia


Express Build ltd.

Hazama Corporation

Land development ltd.

J & K ltd.

Artec Developing ltd.

Unified Destilers ltd.

MJ Plan