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We Turn Complex Ideas into…Simple Reality

For over 14 years, Perfecto Technical Group has been helping companies achieve success with their design and engineering objectives. With offices and design centers located across the world, Perfecto 's team of highly-skilled professionals are well suited to meet your project engineering and staff augmentation needs. Included among our project engineering services are:



  • Product Design/Development

  • Detail Drafting

  • Design and Checking

  • Legacy Data Conversion

  • Stress Analysis/Simulation

  • Manufacturing Engineering/Planning

  • Tool Design and NC Programming

  • Technical Writing/Illustration


Representative projects in architectural and engineering design

  • Bus station, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Sofia Airport, Lot 2

  • Hotel complex "Barcelona", Lybia

  • Tokuda hospital, Sofia

  • Metrostation 8 & 9 , Sofia Underground, Sofia

  • Residential Building, Vitosha res. Complex, Sofia

  • Logistic building warehouses & office building,Voenna rampa, Sofia

  • Abeer Hotel, Velingrad

  • Recriational complex base - Building 52, Bourgas

  • Closed residential complex "Bistrica Terrrace"

  • Residential Building with offices, Darvenitsa, Sofia

  • Resort appart complex "Sveti Vlas", Sunny beach

  • Golf Resourt and Country Club "Ptavets" - Pump station PST 01 & 02

  • Commercial building, Mladost, Sofia

  • Residential building, Bojourishte, Sofia region

  • Residential Building with offices, Ljulin, Sofia


Representative projects in construction

Trough its affiliate company Retro Build ltd. we have realized the following projects in the last 2 years:


  • Tokuda Hospital, Sofia, New surgery block, N. Vaptzarov blvd.;

  • 10-storey residential building, Sofia, Ovcha kupel 2 complex, 3760 sq.m.;

  • 7-storey residential building, Sofia, complex 6, Vitosha, WPP Simeonovo, Simeonovsko chaussee, 5200 sq.m;

  • 9-storey residential building, Sofia, Vitosha complex,Simeonovsko chaussee, 3500 sq.m;

  • Luxury family house, Sofia, Boyana region, 1000 sq.m.;


Closed luxury residential complex "Bistrica terrace", Bistrica, Sofia

Luxury family house, Boyana, Sofia

Office building Class A, Darvenitsa, Sofia




Office building Class A, Darvenitsa, Sofia

Luxury residential 7-storey building, Vitosha, Sofia

10-storey private Japanese hospital with a Rapid help department - Tokuda, Sofia

10-storey hospital with a Rapid help department - Tokuda, Sofia

SPA Hotel Abeer, Velingrad, Bulgaria

Hotel Abeer, Velingrad, Bulgaria

 Hotel Tripoli, Lybia
Hotel Tripoli, Lybia


Administrative building, Sofia

Administrative building, Sofia