Perfecto Group Int'l with ISO 9001-2008 certificate

Since 11-th of July 2011 PERFECTO Group International is in a possession of a Quality Management System ISO 9001 - 2008, which was successfully certified and re-certified in 2014 by an independent world renowned certification and auditing company BUREAU VERITAS.

The company is certified for:  Design of buildings and facilities. Urban planning. Infrastructural design. Design of pumping stations and water treatment plants. Engineering. Project management. Consulting. Supervision in construction.  Trade.

The company is officially granted with a Certificate from a top accredited certification company with a world recognition and reputation, which gives an additional assurance and verification to our contractors and clients. 

This is a company appraisal and obligation for answering the needs and the inquiries of our clients and partners with the utmost and necessary quality, attention and responsibility and to form long-term communication, solving problems attitude and life-long partnerships.          


UKAS Certificate for quality ISO 9001-2008




ANAB Certificate for quality ISO 9001-2008




UKAS Сертификат за качество ISO 9001-2008 /BG/