Completion and delivery of a project for construction, upgrade, extension and general reconstruction of a milk processing factory in Karlovo

The project for reconstruction, extension and general upgrade of a milk products factory in Karlovo is financed with the sub-measure 4.2 “ Investments in processing and marketing of agricultural products” of measure 4”Investment in tangible assets”, PDAR 2014-2020 and was completed within the time limits, delivered to the assignor and fully functional.

The project consists of three parts :

Subproject 1 – “ Refrigerating warehouses for ready production” – The project is one level independent refrigerating storage building for the ready production, situated in the south-western part of the land plot. It is constructed with metal wall and roof structure. The fencing walls and roof are buit with thermal panels. The total built-up area is 1104, 04 sq.m.

Subproject 2 – manufacturing unit ”Brine preparation”, manufacturing shop for cheese” Acaui” and other special cheeses, construction of a manufacturing unit ”Yogurt” – The project assignment is related to re-construction and renewal of an existing unit, extension of a shop for special cheeses by construction of a new 2-storey building. The built area is 388,78 sq.m and the total extended built-up area is 777,56 sq.m

Subproject 3 – “Reception department and internal reconstruction of a manufacturing corps” – The project consists of newly built reception unit situated on the north from the existing manufacturing shops for the cheese and internal reconstruction of the manufacturing corps of the factory. The construction in the reception zone was completed with concrete skeleton and enclosing walls from thermal panels, roof construction – concrete with thermal panel covering. The total extended built-up area is 380,60 sq.m.