Reconstruction and adaptation of an architectural concept for an investment project of an 8-storey residential building with shops and underground parking, Ljulin, Sofia

Perfecto Group International has designed and adapted the necessary changes to an architectural project for a residential multi-storey building and full technical and documental consulting of the investor at a feasibility stage of development. The company facilitated and led the process of obtaining all necessary documents and permits for the project stage of building, located in a very attractive part of the western part of the capital, Ljulin 2 residential complex.

The building is planned to have 8 floors and ground-level shops, underground parking on 2 underground levels and with a total expanded built-up area of 6500 sq.m. above ground.

The building consists of 10 levels. In order to ensure the necessary according to permit and regulations number of parking lots we have provided 2 underground levels with respectively 33 and 34 parking lots and garages. The garages of each level are separated with fire-protection doors. At level -1 is planned a mechanical room.
The first – ground floor is planned the doubled entrance for the underground parking levels, two entrances for the vertical communication and the residential part of the building, as well as 9 shops with different size. The ground level is with higher altitude according to the regulations for commercial spaces in buildings.

The vertical communication of the building is ensured with 2 staircases and total of 3 elevators – two for A entrance and 1 – for B. The elevators are also adapted to the requirement for disabled people as well.

At second, third and seventh floor the building offers 10 units – respectively 7 and 3 apartments for A and B entrance, 7 of which are 2-bedroom apartments and 3 are one-bedroom.

At level 5 the apartments are 10 but 4 of them are 2-bedroom and the rest of 6 are one-bedroom apartments.

Level 6 and 7 have 8 apartments – 6 are 2-bed and 2 are 1-bed apartment and the underroof floor has 5 apartments – 2 2-bed and 3 1-bed apartments.

The building has a total of 61 apartments and all of them have a provided storage rooms on the underground level as well.

The handrails in the building are transparent and light with aluminum profiles and tanned glass – triplex.

The project also provides 13 to 18 external parking lots for visitors in the land plot.

The construction according to the design is reinforced concrete with foundations, columns, shear walls and plates. The façade is with 25 centimeter brick walls and 10 centimeters of heating insulation. All necessary heating, steam, hydro – insulations of the roof and terraces are also provided.
The roof is flat-type with a 3% slope inclination and external drainage.