Perfecto Group International Ltd. relies in its work on a highly qualified team, modern equipment, high criteria in all stages of work - research, design, implementation, warranty service, as well as in its individual approach to each customer. The management of the company combines its professional knowledge with a good sense towards its customers’ needs and an uncompromising attitude towards following the standards and quality in every dimension.

Perfecto Group International Ltd. has over 25 years of experience in services related to the design and construction of buildings and facilities. In 2006, with an effort to focus on the building process, a specialized construction company was established, which can perform each individual construction operation from excavation and construction works to turnkey finishing. This gave our company an opportunity to expand the range of services offered, as well as to improve the control over individual operations at each step of the entire investment process. This enables us to increase the quality of the individual stages of the construction process.

Our company has an excellently trained engineering and executive staff with extensive experience, as well as relies on effective interaction with its long-standing suppliers, partners and our design team. We also have the necessary construction mechanization and tools to ensure the entire work processes.

The company is a regular member of the Construction Chamber in Bulgaria, it is registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders and maintains certificates for:

Among the leading activities of the construction company are excavation works, construction works, turnkey construction and finishing, incl. construction of single- and multi-family buildings, closed complexes, logistics bases and administrative centers and other investment projects.

Some of our completed construction projects:

More information about our construction projects and sites you can find in section PROJECTS


In order to do this, attach the technical design and the quantitative bill and visualization, if any, as described below.

The design team, which is the author of the project, is committed to providing them.


As a contracting assignor, it is necessary to have the technical project in all parts: architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, vertical planning and landscaping, SHP (safety and health plan + temporary construction), energy efficiency, PWM (plan for waste management), geological survey, etc. In addition to the technical design, attach the construction permit, if any, and if possible - the drawings of the architectural and structural part in a DWG format.


Detailed description of all types of construction and installation works in all parts of the project to be performed, with the respective quantities – based on the technical design. In order to make a request for an offer, it is necessary to have a quantity calculations in its entirety, as bidding is, in essence, a valuation of the quantity calculations. As part of our consulting services in the course of the offering, after a detailed acquaintance with the project, our company analyzes and notes any gaps in the project, offers optimization or options for details and systems, all based on our experience of over 25 years of design and realization of building construction sites.


3D computer image of the future building. The virtual model, although not mandatory for making a request for an offer, increases the quality and accuracy of the evaluation, allowing to take into account the specifics of building materials and spatial solutions.