History & goals

Perfecto Group International Ltd. is your reliable and long-term partner

We offer comprehensive solutions for your investment, construction and commercial requirements.

The company

Founded in 1993 as a design, consulting and trading company, Perfecto Group International works to achieve excellent results in fulfilling the ideas of its customers and business partners.

The restructuring of the national economy leads to new requirements on the construction and real estate market, as well as an increased investment and scale of developments. All this encourages our company’s growth, expansion of the scope and self-improvement both in the field of our activities, as well as in the structure and qualification of our team.

As a company, we rely on sustainability and professionalism in our work, high responsibility for the undertaken tasks and direct responsible participation in all processes. We value both our team and professional staff, as well as the time and resources invested by our clients and partners.

The company's philosophy is focused on the implementation of modern architectural and construction solutions that meet both the client’s vision and are simultaneously in accordance with the end user’s needs of quality, convenience and comfort.

Throughout our over quarter-century years’ worth of practice, we have developed and contributed to projects both within the country and outside Bulgaria.

We are proud to have a direct and noticeable participation in landmark projects of public and infrastructural importance.

In order to assure the quality of our work and certify our responsible attitude towards the processes, we also maintain professional certificates and those for a quality management system, guaranteed by internationally recognized independent bodies.

After more than 25 years working in the field of design and construction of buildings and facilities, as well as management of the construction processes, the name Perfecto Group International has become a symbol of quality, responsibility and precision in the implementation of the assigned projects.

Corporative goals of Perfecto Group International are:

  • Maximum satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the client
  • Professional implementation and responsibility towards each project and activity
  • Good process planning and management
  • Work safety
  • Propriety
  • Leadership
  • Flexibility in decision making
  • Comfortable environment for the company’s professional team
  • Respect for the customers, partners and every member within the company structure
  • Loyalty and good faith
  • Active attitude and initiative
  • Sustainability and expansion of the scope of activity