As a company with numerous years of experience in the field of design and construction of buildings and facilities, we strive to improve all work processes as we gradually expand the scope of our activity while taking into considerations the needs of our professional team and partners. For this purpose, we have successfully developed and implemented a system for quality management, which we have maintained since 2010.

Our goals include the improvement and simplification of the work processes by ensuring productivity, work efficiency and personal engagement of our staff. We maintain the necessary feedback with our customers and partners, in order to attain maximum satisfaction in our joint work when achieving the desired product from the end client.



The management team of Perfecto Group International Ltd declares and undertakes a personal commitment to implement the following quality policy, in order to achieve the following specific and measurable goals:

  • Achieving high quality of the product/ service offered by the company, with indicators comparable to the quality indicators of leading companies with related activities, according to the new requirements of BSS EN ISO 9001: 2015;
  • Elaboration and submission of the final projects/sites in accordance with the requirements of the client and according to the concluded contracts, in accordance with the Manual for Management of the Documented Information of the System / MMDIS /, in strict compliance with the current regulations and deadlines;
  • Increasing the level of internal control over quality and performing an analysis on the company’s activity based on the implementation of assessing customer satisfaction, reporting remarks or complaints in order to improve the results of the company’s activity;
  • Increasing the trust of customers and stakeholders by meeting their needs and expectations;
  • Providing a framework for setting quality goals;
  • Including a commitment to continuously improve the system and the quality of the provided services

Based on the adopted policy and the introduced quality management system, we will require all employees of Perfecto Group International Ltd to be well acquainted with the Quality System and will monitor its implementation.

We will continuously assess the processes determined by our main activities and will seek opportunities for further improvement.

The Quality System will be periodically reviewed after its implementation by Perfecto Group International Ltd by undergoing an official review by the management body and will be confirmed at least once a year, in order for its operation to be verified, along with the staff commitment towards the given policy.

Regarding the introduced mandatory standards for personal data protection, we have introduced adequate to the company’s activity:

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