Extension of a Milk processing factory, Karlovo

  • Project: Extension, reconstruction and renovation of a milk processing factory
  • Address: Karlovo, Bulgaria
  • Assignor: MJ Diaries
  • Size: 22 843.92 sq.m
  • Project assignment: Main contractor – construction works
  • Start of construction : November 2016.
  • End of construction : 30.07.2018г.
  • Stage: Completed(Certificate for commissioning – №44)
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The project consists of 3 sub-sites:

Sub-project 1 – Cold storage warehouses for ready production – the sub-site is one store sole standing refrigerating warehouse for the ready production, situated in the south-western part of the land plot. It is constructed from a metal wall and ceiling structure. The fencing walls and roof are realized with thermo-panels. The built area is 1104.04sq.m. and the total built-up area is 1101.04sq.m.

Sub-project 2 – Shop for preparation of the brine, shop for cheese “Acawe” and other special cheese products, construction of Yogurt shop – The sub-site is a reconstruction and upgrading of an existing shop, an extension of the shop for the special cheese products by building of a new 2-storey construction. The built area is 388.78 sq.m. and the total built-up area is 777,56 sq.m.

Sub-project 3 – Reception department and interior reconstruction of production hall – the sub-site is a newly built reception unit situated on the north from the existing production halls for cheese and an internal reconstruction of the main manufacturing hall of the factory. The structure of the reception unit is a steel skeleton with fencing walls of thermal panels, The roofing structure is steel with a cover of thermal panels as well. The built area is 380.60 sq.m. and the total built-up area is 380.60 sq.m.