Single-family residential building, Divotino, Pernik municipality

  • Project:Single-family residential building
  • Дейност по проекта: Full A/E design
  • Address: Divotino village, Pernik municipality
  • Size: 204 sq.m
  • Stage: Completed concept architectural design, ongoing full A/E design


Single-family villa residential building in Divotino village, Pernik municipality. The building is planned with 2 above ground floors and one under-roof floor.

The first floor consists of living-room, kitchen, WC, storage-room and room for the boiler. The bedrooms are distributed at the second floor, total of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and one closet. A 4th bedroom is provided at the under-roof floor with a separate balcony.

The structure of the building is reinforced concrete with carrier foundation, columns, washers and plate. The façade walls are designed with 25 sm. brick wall with 10 sm. thermal insulation. It is provided the necessary thermal, steam and hydro-insulation of the roof and the terraces.

The roof is pitched with a wooden structure and roof tiles. The slope of the roof is 40% with external drainage with gutters.

A site map of the property and the residential building is also provided.

The project assignment also provisions all necessary actions for obtaining the legal documents for construction of the house.