Fire-rated and specialized doors, Paradise center, Sofia

  • Project: Research, delivery, mounting and maintenance of fire-rated doors
  • Address: Paradise mall, 100, Cherni vruh blvd., Hradilnika, Sofia
  • Assignor: Komfort AD
  • Size: 190 000 sq.m.
  • Project assignment: Sub-contractor – fire-rated doors
  • Stage: Completed, functional since 2013

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The first lifestyle and biggest in size entertainment center with mall in Sofia and Bulgaria with 80 thousands sq.m. brutto retail space located on Cherni vruh blvd and Todor Kableshkov blvd.

The company was assigned and successfully completed delivery, mounting, service and after-service maintenance of EU manufactured specialized metal and fire-rated doors including customized and manufactured according to specification specialized doors for internal transformation electric sub-station. The company was assigned to perform initial research, shortlist, testing, specialized in-factory tutorial for mounting and supply, mounting and after-sale maintenance of the specialized doors necessary for the project and according to the requirements of the main contractor. Perfecto Group has successfully completed main sub-contracting role for this big and benchmark project and have completed the work assign within the required terms and with high quality and engagement for the functioning of the center.

Paradise shopping & entertainment center is characterized with a variety of possibilities offered to its visitors for entertainment and shopping, as well as sports, supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, and so forth. All these offered options are distributed on a total area of 25 000 sq.m. out of total of 190 000 sq.m. total built-up area which includes administrative and servicing areas as well. It is the biggest in space and variety modern in concept entertainment and shopping center in Sofia an Bulgaria.

The traffic and sewage infrastructure reconstruction of the region initiated with the center , alongside with the underground hot link with the metro station which is one of the major transport huts for the region, the underground parking for 1900 vehicles have ensured reduced communication and access problems and direct entry to the shopping center.

The architectural concept of the shopping center project is developed in a way that perfectly related to the environment of the region and also underlines the view to Vitosha mountain from all food zones and most of the restaurants as well for the event center and the sport zone as well. The internal space is also planned in a way that corresponds to the Sofia identity and uses mostly water and planting to create a remembered and unique space for spending time or for shopping.