Multi-family residential building with 9 floors, Vitosha WPP Simeonovo, Sofia

  • Project: 8-storey residential building with offices and shops, Vitosha WPP Simeonovo, Sofia
  • Project assignment:Construction project management
  • Address:47,Simeonovsko chaussee blvd. , Vitosha WPP Simeonovo, Sofia
  • Area: 5500 sq.m.
  • Stage: Completed construction, with use permit
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The building is situated in one of the most preferred residential zones in South Sofia – Vitosha res. Complex at a very communicative site – Simeonovsko chaussee, which is one of the main transport artery of the city being a rapid link to the center and the Sofia ring road. The building is in a close proximity to the Student town with most of the Bulgarian high schools and universities and is bordering the zone of the foreign residences and embassies.

The building has 5500 sq.m. with total of 10 floors – 8 above ground residential floors with different types of units and one ground floor with shops and offices, as well as the main entry for the underground parking.

The residential units are different type – total of 19 apartments, 3 of which are ateliers, 4 are single-bedroom apartments, 9 are two-bedroom apartments and 3 are three-bedroom apartments. There are also shops, offices and parking lots for residents and visitors. Each apartment is planned with a separate parking lot, allocated on sub-terrain or on ground level.

The land plot is 1200 sq.m. and the built-up area is 265,50 sq.m. The building is finished with landscaping and planting on an area of 516 sq.m.

The heating is with own gas-boilers for each apartment.

The building is finished according to the Bulgarian construction standard with unit reinforced entrance doors, heating and noise insulation, interior MDF doors, PVC windows. All common parts and staircase is finished with granite and mounted passenger elevator.