Single family residential building, Dragalevtsi, Sofia

  • Project:Full A/E design and construction of an extension and reconstruction of an existing residential building
  • Дейност по проекта:full measurement, design and construction
  • Адрес: Dragalevtsi, Sofia
  • РЗП: 120 sq.m.
  • Етап: Delivered project, completed construction, functional


The project assignment requires taking all measurements of an existing building and full architect-engineering design project of an extension and renovation.

The project precludes an extension to the existing building which to be adapted to all living necessities of a family like enlargement of the living room, separated kitchen and dining room, as well as a storage in the basement.

The extension is maximally adapt5ed to the outlook and the architectural plan of the existing building in relation to materials, roofing and following all the normative requirements for such type of buildings.

The finishing of the new architectural outlook is also reached by a new artistic fencing and landscaping in the land plot with adequate lighting.

The company was assigned for the construction and finishing works and have successfully and timely completed the project.