Real Estate

We have been working in the field of research, investment and realization of the construction since the company launching in 1993.

Our main goal is to provide maximum full service to our customers - both corporate and end customers by knowing the main trends in the real estate market, the main factors and the current state of supply and demand in this area. Our services are aimed both at the domestic market, as well as at potential and current Bulgarian and foreign investors.

We offer you property search services according to your needs, as well as we offer ready-made investment projects, including buildings and residential units built by us.

The main services we offer in the field of real estate are:

  • Development of comprehensive studies on assignment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Collection and analysis of real estate marketing information
  • Consultations and offering investment plots
  • Research and finding different types of properties by the client’s demand
  • Sales of prefabricated and newly built buildings and / or individual units
  • Inspections, consultations and real estate appraisals
  • Offering entire investment projects
  • Customer service until the acquisition of the property

For potential investors, the Company offers all the necessary accompanying services from the project idea to its full implementation and delivery to the investor, and for this purpose has a trained team of specialists for each stage of the investment process.

Additional services for your investment intentions:

  • Construction and entrepreneurial activity
  • Strategic planning and concepts for development of new residential and office sites
  • Architectural and engineering projects
  • Interior projects and solutions for end customers and investors
  • Management of construction sites
  • Construction and construction finishing works
  • Repairs
  • Furnishing

For the quality implementation of all these services, the company relies on its in-house departments’ expertise, as well as long-term specialized professional partners.

Details about our sales offers you can see in section SALES

You can make an inquiry for sales or other consultations and research in the field of real estate HERE.