Single-family house, Drenovo village, Kostinbrod, Sofia – region

  • Project: Reconstruction and upgrade of an existing house
  • Project assignment: Design
  • Address: Drenovo village, Kostinbrod minicipality, Sofia – region
  • Size: 300 sq.m.
  • Stage: Completed architectural concept design


The height of the building is calculated from the average elevation of the adjacent terrain to each facade and is less than 10 m, as is allowed by municipality service.
The building consists of 3 levels. There is partial underground level due to the large slope of the terrain. The yard provides 3 parking lots.
Railings are intended to be metal openwork.

The structure of the building is with reinforced concrete. The outer walls are from 25 cm ceramics with 10 cm thermal insulation. The all necessary insulation of the roofs & floors are provided.
The roof is pitched with a slope of 30% with external drainage gutters. The thermal insulation is under the wooden structure and is of mineral wool according to the energy efficiency.

On the ground floor are the entrance hall, the living room with a dining area, the kitchen and service rooms.

On the second floor are 2 bedrooms with one bathroom and closets, and a second living room between the two bedrooms. The building has four terraces – three on the second floor and one on the ground floor.