MKV Knowledge village, Montenegro

  • Project: Whole concept urban planning of Knowledge village
  • Project assignment: Full architect concept design, visualizations, feasibility study, research and investment report/li>
  • Address: Montenegro
  • РЗП: 367000 sq.m..
  • Етап: Completed and presented full concept design, handed investment report


The overall business idea is to create a new model based on integrated business clusters, supported by latest technology, world class infrastructure and endorsed by the Government of Montenegro, which to be integrated into the existing networks and systems of the country and thus enhancing the development of the region and the Montenegrin economy as a whole.

The MKV project is provided to become an ideal example of a three way integrated approach for the growth of Montenegro economy by providing the business incubation platform, academic institutes providing the skilled and trained manpower and financial organizations providing the necessary financial assistance for entrepreneur to start a small ICT enterprise.

The main components of the MKV concept idea are projected to be:

a. Technology Zone
b. Education Zone
c. Health Care and Recreation Zone
d. Exhibition and Conferences Center
e. Residential Zone
f. Commercial Zone
i. Shopping Mall
ii. Entertainment
iii. Hotels / Apartments
iv. Eco Tourism

The draft conforms with the conceptual framework for developing MKV as an integrated technology driven infrastructure and facilities, which are capable of housing companies from various industry sectors namely education, healthcare, technology, logistics, tourism, trade and conferences and exhibitions.