Single -family residence, Boyana cinema center, Sofia

  • Project:Luxury single-family residence
  • Project assignment:Architectural design concept, visualization, full A/E planning, consulting
  • Address: Boyana Cinema city, Sofia
  • Size: 1152,68 sq.m.
  • Stage: Finalized concept and technical project, in construction


Buildup area 227,25 м2
Total buildup area (overground) 707,48 м2
Total area of underground garages 445,20 м2

The height of the building is calculated from the average elevation of the adjacent terrain to each facade and is 8,50 m.
The building consists of 3 over ground levels and one underground level. The yard provides 3 parking lots.

Railings are intended to be openwork with glass and stainless steel grip.
The structure of the building is with reinforced concrete. The outer walls are from 25 cm ceramics with 10 cm thermal insulation. The all necessary insulation of the roofs & floors are provided.
The roof is pitched with a slope of 100% with external drainage gutters. The thermal insulation is between the ribs in the wooden structure and is of mineral wool according to the energy efficiency.
The door to the boiler room is fire-resistant for 90 minutes.

Description of the units:
Basement – garages are provided; boiler room, technical rooms, a representative entrance lobby with a staircase and an elevator. The part of the basement that is towards the street and is more than 120 cm above the ground is included in the living area of the building. The area of the basement on the south side of the building is increased, where additional technical premises for the pool and a storage room are planned. They do not enter the living area because they are completely underground.

Ground floor (first floor) – has a wide living area, kitchen, toilet, dining room, with direct connection to the terrace. No major changes from the old project are foreseen.

Second floor – there are 4 bedrooms, a guest room, each room is with bathroom and toilet included. The number of premises remains unchanged from the old project. The places of the bathrooms and bedrooms have been changed without significantly changing the construction.