Perfecto Group International Ltd. offers various areas of services in the field of trade - from international trade operations, exports and imports to sales of real estate in the country.

We perform research and delivery of goods both for the country and abroad. The main commercial activity of the company is mainly, but not entirely related to construction products and materials, both according to the needs of each project and for the delivery of our products.

We perform the following activities in the field of commercial practice:

  • Research of certain goods - mainly from heavy and light industry, food industry and agriculture
  • Research for Providers
  • Research for Buyers
  • Imort and dselivery
  • Export
  • Production and sale of construction components, products and materials
  • Real estate sales



    Together with our long-term partners - one of the largest manufacturers in the EU, we import and perform installation and post-warranty maintenance of specialized metal and fire doors and components for them. This special type of production is suitable and intended mainly for commercial and administrative buildings and have a special function and purpose. The doors we offer have a guarantee of quality and origin and are provided with all necessary certificates.

Products offered:

  • Fire doors
  • Multifunctional doors
  • Fire rated gates
  • Accessories
  • Panic devices

Services offered by Perfecto Group International:

  • Professional advice on decision for the appropriate door type
  • On-site assessment
  • Order according to project specification
  • Production process tracking
  • Delivery logistics
  • Installation and settings
  • Service maintenance
  • Post-warranty service

Our role and function is to negotiate prices, quantities and appropriate types of doors according to the requirements of each project and contracting authority and to ensure the production, delivery, tracking and installation, as well as post-warranty service of the products. For this purpose, we have exclusive rights granted by our long-term partners from the EU, as well as an assembly unit that professionally performs the maintenance of the special equipment of the site.

The company has behind it not only smaller sites equipped with the specialized doors we offer, but also one of the largest retail outlets in the country. Paradise Shopping and Entertainment Center, Sofia

Logistics and administrative center, Chepintsi, Sofia region.

You can download more about the offered Fire and metal doors from HERE.


    For the purposes of specific projects and according to the requirements of our customers we supply from EU manufacturers with whom we have established relationships building panels according to specific projects. They are applicable in industrial sites production enterprises.

    Such panels were manufactured, delivered and used in the project: Expansion, reconstruction and overhaul of Dairy Processing Plant, Karlovo


    With the professional and competent assistance and many years of production experience of our partners we have created, tested and produced mainly for the export of other countries a specific innovative product developed by us based on marketing and consumer attitudes in some markets profile of the so-called Mediterranean tile with the trade name "Castle" with new properties and qualities that have a number of advantages over the classic type of tiles, regardless of their profile.

    You can download more about the offered product Sand-polymer tile "Castle" from HERE.

    The company has the professional capacity to offer research and supply of a number of products manufactured in Bulgaria for export, as well as abroad for import according to specific specifications and demand.

    You can make an inquiry for product deliveries, sales or other consultations and research related to the commercial activity of the company HERE.