Our critical and responsible approach ensures modern and high-quality services, as well as timely project implementation. This creates long-term business relationships and, above all, trust, which contributes to the transformation of our potential and current customers into loyal and reliable staff for the performance of our company and the quality of the sales.

Among our clients with whom we work successfully are:

  • Tokoshukai Medical Corp. Sofia
  • Hazama Corporation SC
  • Taisei Corporation
  • Kharafi Group
  • Stanilov ltd.
  • Terra Tour Services ltd.
  • Land Development LLC
  • Artec Developing LLC
  • Unified Destillers Ltd.
  • Fayad
  • Pain D'Or
  • Mapa International Group
  • Al Houda
  • Spectrum Group International ltd.
  • Top Tronix ltd.
  • M J Diaries LLC
  • Land development Corporation LLC
  • ICC ltd.
  • Eridu ltd.
  • J & K Contracting ltd.
  • Кomfort ltd.
  • Tiger LLC