Logistic base with administrative unit, Voenna rampa, Sofia

  • Project: Warehouse with administrative unit
  • Address: 15, Ilyantsi blvd, Voenna rampa, Sofia
  • Size: 1546,6 sq.m
  • Stage: Completed architectural concept design


The building consists of 3 floors and underground level is not foreseen. The main warehouse unit has 9 m. height trough the 3 levels. In the north-western part of the warehouse by the entrance of the building a zone with 3 levels within the same building height is separated.

At the first level the entrances to the two separated parts of the warehouse are located in a way that a future unification is also possible. Between them a staircase for accessing the upper two building levels is also projected.

The built-up area of the building is 1234, 80 sq.m. which includes the rooms for the staff and the sanitary units at 3m. height each, total of about 50 sq.m. , located symmetrically from both sides of the staircase, so that they can be used by the staff of the two warehouse units.
An administrative part is planned at the second intermediary level of the building with the area of 80 sq.m. consisting of two office units.

The main administrative unit is planned at the 3rd level of the building, so that all offices have a day light and big windows towards the street and also opened with visual access to the internal space of all warehouse units as well. At this level are also provided separate sanitary units for the administrative staff as well. The built-up area of the 3rd floor administrative unit is 232 sq.m.

Description of the warehouse units:

Warehouse 1 – 536,18 sq.m. The unit is also provided with dressing room and living units 24,25 sq.m., one office at the 2nd intermediary level – 28,73 sq.m., two offices at the third level – 32,75 sq.m. и 55,73 sq.m. respectively. There are sanitary units linked to the offices.

Warehouse 2 – 616,02 sq.m. There is a dressing room and sanitary units of 24,25 sq.m. and one office at the second intermediary level – 31,60 sq.m., two offices at the 3rd level of 39,64 sq.m. and 32,17 sq.m respectively. Sanitary units for the offices also planned.