Multi-family residential building with underground parking, Krustova vada, Sofia

  • Project: Multi-family residential building with underground parking
  • Project assignment: Architectural concept design and A/E technical project, visualizations, technical and market researches, consulting
  • Address: Krustova vada res. c-x, Triaditca municipality, Sofia
  • Size: variants of 2126 to 7000 sq.m.
  • Stage:Completed concept design, presentations, feasibility, ongoing


The project site is located in one of the most popular and fast developing regions in south Sofia. The location is suitable for residential purpose development as well as for the increased needs of offices for the residents. The NPZ Hladilnika and Krustova Vada regions are characterized by predominantly young and up-middle standard population who need comfort and easy access to every part of Sofia and to the mountain which is the near proximity to the site. The residential complex is facing a rapid development in the recent years and is already forming a business and office hub as well as is known as the “bedroom” of Sofia.

The project is developed based on 3 different variants of construction – separately as a self-dependent building as well as 2 variants of detached buildings which are also possible. The 3 variants are with different parameters but in each design are planned the most preferred types of units based on the market demand.

The building height is calculated according to the average of the height of the attached terrain to each façade and is accordingly 10 and 15 meters from the model terrain, answering the regional restrictions of the design permit.

The buildings are planned with 7 and 8 floors. In order to ensure the necessary parking space in the property the project foresees underground level for each of the bordering plots where the obligatory number parking lots are defined together with the possible number of lots on a ground level for visitors.
The access to these underground parking lots is ensured with a ramp at the ground level, together with the building entrances for the vertical communication of the residential part of the buildings, garages and ateliers.

The vertical communication is developed with stair cases and elevators including such for disabled.

Residential units description:

The project of the building/s provides studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with option to be redesigned to larger apartments with increased number of rooms, offices, garages and parking lots at ground and underground level.

The built-up area of the 2-bedroom apartments is an average of 80 to 103 sq.m. and the 1-bedroom apartments vary by size from 55 to 70 sq.m. There is one 3-bedroom apartment planned with the size of 120 sq.m.