Single-family residential building, Malinova Dolina, Sofia

  • Project: Residential building, St.grad municipality, Sofia
  • Project assignment: Architectural concept design & full engineering design, PM in construction
  • Address: ULP ХIV-342, q.128, Malinova dolina – East region, Sofia, Studentska municipality
  • Size: 455 sq.m.
  • Stage: Completed


The building height is calculated following the average height of the adjacent terrain to each façade and is 8,90 meters from the modeled terrain per allowed building height of 10 meters.

The building has 3 levels. As the terrain is with registered high underground waters it is not foreseen to have underground level. The yard allows 3 parking lots.

The construction is reinforced concrete with bearing foundations, columns, shear walls and plates. The façade walls are planned with 25 brick walls and 10 centimeters heat insulation. Heat, steam and hydro insulation of the roof and the terraces are also provided.

The roof is slope-type with wooden structure and roof-tiles. The inclination is 50% with external drainage with gutters and drain-pipes. The heating insulation within the wooden structure is with mineral wadding with thickness according to energy efficiency project specifications. Beneath the insulation a lagging of fire-protective plasterboard is provided which ensures fire protection for 60 minutes.

The connection of the boiler room with the building is through a door which is smoke-sealed and fire-protective for 90 minutes.

The first level of the house consists of entrance hall, living room with dining space, kitchen, bedroom, servicing rooms and a boiler room.

The second floor has 4 bedrooms with the necessary bathrooms and storage rooms and wardrobes. The underroof floor has a second living room and 2 rooms.

The building has 3 terraces – 2 at the second level and one on the third underroof level.