Closed luxury residential complex, Bistrica

  • Project: Closed complex of 4-family unit houses with own parking, landscaping and water treatment plant
  • Project assignment: Full A/E design, author surveillance, consulting
  • Address: ULP 114, ”Zli kamak” area, Bistrica village, Pancharevo municipality, Sofia-region
  • Size: 10800+ sq.m. above ground
  • Stage: Completed, functional, with use permit


Bistrica terrace project is a closed complex of 8+ residential multi-family buildings, one administrative and storage house, three servicing buildings- portal station for security and portal office, substation and water treatment station located on 16145 sq.m. land plot in the region of Bistrica village, region of Sofia.

The complex is planned for permanent and year round inhabitance. The buildings within the complex are situated in three rows approximately, parallel to the main road which borders the south boundary of the land plot.

The residential buildings are templated and symmetric as an architecture and functional organization. Each of them has 1276 sq.m. and consists of 4 symmetric to the center apartments, each having 3 floors and with total built-up area of 315 sq.m. Every of the separate units in the buildings has own access to the residential area and to the garage. First floor is semi-ground level, partially sub-terrain and is projected for the servicing zones, 2nd and 3rd floors are above ground and are residential zone of the apartments.

The complex is planned with all types of communications – the security station is also developed as a entry check point and is situated at the entrance of the complex as well as the common parking zone for cars of visitors and trucks. Nearby is located the administrative and storage building which contains storage spaces, service areas and offices for the proper functioning of the residential complex.
The terrain in the complex zone is provided to be terraced adequately, as well as electric lighting, landscaping and greenery is planned for each of the buildings. Relaxation zones for each residential unit are allocated in near proximity For easy and prompt access to the houses pedestrian zones surrounding the houses are also provided. The complex and every of its buildings is projected with a common unique style and outlook together with individual decorative elements identifying each house.