Park and recreational zone, Lebanon

  • Project type: Research and conceptual design of a city park zone
  • Performance: Architectural and landscape concept design
  • Address: region El Mathen, central Lebanon
  • Stage: Completed architectural concept design


The project development comprises of architectural concept creation and a visual presentation of a park zone with a monument, open space for recreation, as well as landscaping of a park environment in a city in El Mathen region in Central Lebanon.
This project combines modern look and contemporary materials with a classic style and look, adapted to the regional characteristics and traditional materials of a centuries-old city with a known 400-years old monastery and cultural & spiritual center.

The idea is based on ensuring valuable space for walks, meetings, sport in open air and spending spare time in nature. The concept includes a central zone with a monument in a contemporary shaped 3D cross which is a symbol of the city being an old spiritual center of Christianity for the region. For this purpose the entry points to the site have been explored, the ways of movement, the surrounding land plots and there prospective development, as well as the terrain and the natural flora of the development site and the city.

The materials used for the concept are mainly stone, wood and natural planting as well as adequate lighting which increases the effect of the materials and the natural plants, as well as enables a possibility for holding different functions and events in open space.