Closed residential complex, Tsarsko Selo, Sofia

  • Project: Closed residential c-x of 2/3 multi-family buildings with parking and landscaping
  • Project assignment:Architectural design concept, visualization, consulting
  • Address: Tsarsko selo, Krastova vada, Dragalevtsi municipality, Sofia
  • Size: 5200 sq.m.
  • Stage: completed concept design


Several variants of architectural concept design plans of residential buildings are developed, depending on the land plot characteristics and the zone limits as well as visualization of the Residential complex Tsarsko Selo.

One major mock up variant of the project development is with 3 separate residential buildings of 4 floors each with landscaping and planting and parking areas. This variant of the concept provides total of 24 apartments with gross area of 324 sq.m and parking area of 1500 sq.m underground parking.

The other major mock up concept variant is based on one bigger residential building and one with smaller built up area with planting and landscaping in the plot within the complex. This concept provides a total of 3590 sq.m. above ground built up area, including 2382 sq.m. above ground and 690 sq.m. underground in the bigger building and respectively – 1208 sq.m. above ground and 497 sq.m. underground total built up area in the smaller one.

The design variants offer several different types of internal area distribution. The number of the apartments in the bigger building is 14 to 16 and in the small one – up to 8.