Foreign embassy building, Sofia

  • Project: Architectural concept design – exterior and interior
  • Project assignment:Concept design
  • Address: Sofia
  • Size: 3564 sq.m.
  • Stage: Completed architectural concept and visualizations


The building is designed on one underground and three over ground floors.

The design provides comfortable separate pedestrian and vehicle access to the VIP entrance secured by three sliding metal gates electronically operated. The space between these gates and the Building gives the opportunity for better control of the access to the Embassy.

The VIP entrance which is in the middle of the structure leads to the Public area, where are the main spaces for Formal purposes. The entrance is emphasized with a Marquee with a Dome shaped skylight. The Grand reception Hall is reached directly from the entrance and is in one axis with the Outdoor main attractions achieving best quality of habitation. The height of two floors and large source of light to the Grand reception Hall provides luxury and representativeness of the space.
On the right is the gate to provide access for the entrance of the Consulate section, Diplomats section and Ambassador.
On the left is the access for the staff and service section. The Garage access is through the ramp in the north end of the plot, where is the lowest real natural level of the street. We provide car parking for 24 vehicles. Next to the Garage gate we locate the Guard quarter which controls also the Service entrance.

The vertical communication consists of two elevators with stairs, which provides access to all floors in the diplomatic section in the South part of the Building, and the Local Employees section in the north part of the Building with separate Staff entrance.

– VIP Entrance, Foyer – 28,0 m2
– Cloakroom – 10,6 m2
– Grand Reception Hall – 195,5 m2
– Secondary Reception Hall – 67,6 m2
– Diplomatic Reception Hall – 32,2 m2
– Library – 41,1 m2

Consulate Section- 1st section:
– Foyer – 20,7 m2
– Waiting Area – 30,3 m2
– Application Counter – 16,0 m2
– Toilets for both Genders – 7,8 m2

Consulate Section -2nd section:
– Diplomat’s Office – 55,4 m2
– Secretary – 31,8 m2
– Archive-Store – 10,0 m2