Hotel complex “Barcelona”, Lybia

  • Project: Design of a hotel complex “Barcelona”, Libya
  • Project assignment: Architectural concept design and structural design
  • Address: Libya
  • Size: 8100,00 sq.m.
  • Stage: Completed architect and structural designs


The planned building is 7-storey hotel with one sub-terrain level. The built-up area of the underground level is 1500 sq.m. and the ground level is with a built-up area of 1100 sq.m.

As a functional distribution the first to the fifth floors are hotel rooms, each of them with the size of 1100 sq.m. total built-up area.

The sub-terrain level includes the garages, kitchen, se3rvise rooms and storage facilities.
At the ground level the plan provides a foyer with reception, restaurant, cafeteria and sanitary facilities.

The second to the 6th floors are a hotel accommodation part distributed to studios, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments as follows:
– Studios – 60,00-65,00 sq.m. They consist of living room with bed, kitchen zone, bathroom. Each floor has 3 studios.
– One-bedroom apartments – 60,00-93,00 sq.m. The apartments consist of separate bedroom, living room with kitchen and dining zones, bathroom. The single-bedroom apartments are provided to be 8 at a floor.
– Two-bedroom apartment – 142 sq.m. The apartment is one for the hotel, a luxury executed with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and one common living room with dining zone and a kitchen.

All studios and apartments have own separate terraces.