10-storey multi-family residential building, Ovcha kupel, Sofia

  • Project:Multi-family residential building with shops, garages and underground parking
  • Project assignment:Construction project management
  • Address: Ovcha kupel 2 res. c-x, 109, President Lincoln blvd., Sofia
  • Size: 3066 sq.m.
  • Етап:Completed, Use permit


The project is a 10-storey residential building with shops, offices, garages and underground parking. The building consists of sub-terrain level with garages, ground level, seven residential floors, one underroof floor and servicing floor.

Sub-terrain total built-up area is 416 sq.m., ground floor – 287 sq.m. First to seventh floor – 299 sq.m. each – total of 2093 sq.m., underroof floor – 270 sq.m. The total built-up area of the building is 3066 sq.m.

The ground floor of the building includes several separate garages, shops, installation and servicing rooms. The ground floor shops are 2 and 7 garage cells, together with the necessary common areas of the building – entrance zones, service hygienist rooms, main electric switchboard, etc.
At the basement level of the building there are 9 garage units as well and the necessary storage and installation rooms.

All residential floors are planned as typical with the same area distribution at each of the 7 floors – total of 4 apartments per floor. The planned units are mainly one and two bedroom apartments. The area distribution of the underroof floor basically follows this of the typical residential floors with 4 ateliers. The building consists of 28 apartments and 4 ateliers. Each apartment has 2 general functional zones : living zone, comprised of kitchen or kitchenette unified with the dining and living-room, and sleeping zone – one or two bedrooms. The apartments are compact and with maximally favorable light exposure. All residential units are planned with sanitary rooms, concentrated in the central / internal area of the building.

The building is thermally insulated and the façade is mineral plastered. It is also provided a thermal insulation for the roof slopes as well as in the zone of the horizontal roofing plate.
The façade is with PVC profile windows.

The building was completed within the required by the assignor time frame.