Multi-family residential building with 10 floors, Ljulin, Sofia

  • Project:Multi-storey residential building with underground garages
  • Project assignment: A/E design, consulting services
  • Address: Ljulin 2 res. complex, Sofia
  • Size: 9150 sq.m.
  • Stage: Completed architectural design and presentation, ongoing


The height of the building is calculated from the average elevation of the adjacent terrain to each facade and is 15 m and 24 m respectively – just as much as is allowed by municipality service.
The building consists of 10 levels. In order to provide the necessary parking in the property there are two underground levels in which there are provided respectively 33 and 34 parking places in underground garages. Garages at individual levels are enclosed with fireproofed doors. In the first basement there is a space for a subscriber station.

The first floor (ground floor) provides access to these garages through a double ramp. There are two entrances for the vertical communication of the residential part of the building and nine shops of different sizes. A large floor height is provided on the ground floor for the shops.
Vertical communication is provided with two stairwells and three lifts – two for entrance A & one for B. The lifts are designed to provide access for persons with reduced mobility.
There are 61 apartments in total. Warehouses are provided for all in the basements.

The yard provides 13 to 18 parking spaces. A total of 83 car seats are provided in the plot. Railings are intended to be openwork with aluminum profiles and tinted glass – triplex.

The structure of the building is with reinforced concrete. The outer walls are from 25 cm ceramics with 10 cm thermal insulation. The all necessary insulation of the roofs & floors are provided.

The roof is flat with a slope of 3% with external drainage gutters.

Description of the units:
On the ground floor are situated a total of 9 stores. The apartments are divided into two entrances. There are 7 floors of apartments above the ground floor. At entrance A there are a total of 44 apartments. 24 of them are with two bedrooms and 20 are with one bedroom. At entrance B there are a total of 17 apartments. 15 of them are with two bedrooms and 2 are with one bedroom.
The area of a two-bedroom apartment is an average of 85 to 105 square meters, and a one-bedroom apartment is 55 to 69 square meters.