Multi-family residential building with underground parking, Ljulin, Sofia

  • Project:Multi-family residential building with underground parking
  • Project assignment: Architectural concept design
  • Адрес: res.c-x Ljulin, Sofia
  • Size: 6500 sq.m.
  • Stage: Delivered architectural concept


The building consists of 5 levels. In order to provide the necessary parking in the property there is one sub-terrain level for underground garages. Garages at individual levels are enclosed with fireproofed doors.

The first floor (ground floor) provides access to these garages through a ramp.
There are two entrances for the vertical communication of the residential part of the building and nine shops of different sizes.

The ground floor is planned for garages and shops. A large floor height is provided on the ground floor for the shops.

The total area of a two-bedroom apartments is an average of 85 to 105 square meters, and the total area of the one-bedroom apartment is between 55 to 69 square meters.