Reconstruction and extension of Sofia Airport, Sofia

  • Project: Reconstruction, upgrade and extension of Sofia Airposrt
  • Project assignment:Consulting and PM in construction works
  • Investor:Sofia Airport AD
  • Main Contractor:Stanilov LLC
  • Address: Vrazhdebna, Sofia
  • Stage: Completed, functioning
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The Sofia Airport – bridge over Iskar river – drainage and building foundations.

The project consists of construction of a new aircraft runway with total length of 3600 m, extension of the existing runway and forming of a parallel one for take away of the planes to the departure place as well as new links between them, aeronautical terrain lighting, navigation signs, remote control and monitoring systems, electrical network. This development and upgrade gave the opportunity to rise the airport category to 3 A.

The construction works include building of a new bridge structure 460 m long and 36,5 m wide in order to redirect the Iskar river that crosses the terrain trough a row of actions for fortification and correction of the riverbed flow. Substantial earthwork is committed incl. 2 million cubic meters excavation and filling.

The built pavement consists of 197000 cubic meters anti-freezing protective material, 99000 cubic meters of a base treated with cement, 22000 cubic meters asphalt layer against cracking and 45000 cubic meters surface polymer modified asphalt layer.

The supporting activities include drainage, new fire-protection and rescue station, electrical sub-station, anti-icing platform, light indicators for approaching, servicing and perimeter roads and separating fences.

The construction works contract administration is managed by a modified and complicated version of FIDIC – 4th edition. The construction works according to the contract conditions have started in June 2003 and the new runway has been open and operational in August 2006. The rest of the work components have been completed consistently by March 2008.