SPA medical care and leisure complex, Libya

  • Project: Architectural design concept for a medical and leisure center
  • Project assignment:Architectural design concept
  • Address: Libya
  • Size: total 3226,00 sq.m.
  • Stage: Completed and delivered concept design and visualizations
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The building of the SPA medical and leisure complex is designed with three floors – one sun-terrain and two above ground levels.

The sub-terrain is with built-up area of 1362 sq.m. It is provided for servicing functions, storage rooms and other units according to standard.

The ground floor is with a total built-up area of 1335 sq.m. The concept includes a reception, foyers, lobbies, spaces for waiting rooms and rooms for awaiting hospitalization of patients/visitors.

Second floor is a hotel accommodation part with 1505 sq.m. built-up area. It is provided for accommodation of patients and clients of the SPA medical and leisure complex.

It is also planned with underground parking with a ramp.

The architect design concept is based on the suitable colors used on the façade and in the idea for the internal spaces, which is in line with the typical landscaping and planting used for the complex environment.